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Shamanism is an ancient form of healing from many parts of the world in indigenous culture. It is a practice that requires stewardship of the earth. The shaman recognises that love is the organising principle of the universe and knows that everything is infused with spirit and life.

My teacher, Alberto Villoldo, spent many years training and working with indigenous peoples in the Amazon and the Andes. Alberto has distilled his knowledge into a contemporary form of healing that combines this ancient knowledge with the philosophies of Buddhism and Yoga and modern day research in neuroscience .

Personally, I was always an intellectual and a skeptic. My career in corporate IT only sought to reinforce this point of view, despite being a Yoga teacher and spiritual seeker. Through many synchronous events in my life the path of Shamanic healing was chosen for me – one that took me some time to come to terms with. My training with the Four Winds was a journey of self-healing and deep introspection. Walking the path allows you to assist others as they journey back to wholeness and wellbeing.

Each of us is surrounded by an electromagnetic field of energy that acts as a matrix or blueprint that maintains the health and vibrancy of the physical body. It is the belief of the Shaman that working at this energetic level can help to shift disease and blockages in our lives.