Energy Medicine Training

Embrace your Light

We offer 6 month hybrid training program in shamanic energy medicine. This course combines the ancient wisdom of shamanism, yoga and meditation practices with modern science and thought on energy. The course consists of recorded lessons on our online platform, weekly live sessions and two immersive weekends held in Kwazulu-Natal.

You will learn practical healing methods while also navigating your own inner landscape and bringing healing to your own life and those around you.  The course consists of 6 modules that will enable you to practice as an energy medicine practitioner. This is a wonderful way to increase your existing practice, to start a new career or to simply embark on a deep journey of self-healing and renewal.

Course Modules

Starting where you are

  • Explore the physical aspects of how the body keeps the score of our emotional and mental habits and ways to release physical trauma.
  • Learn to use your own intuitive process and other tools to decipher and read energy and recognise the causes of disease.
  • Learn the anatomy of the energetic body from various ancient wisdom teachings and the science of energy fields.

The path of healing

  • Allowing ourselves to shed our past and the things that are holding us back
  • Learn the process of clearing patterns and negative energies that live in our luminous body and prevent us from living up to our true potential
  • Discover how to reset the fight or flight system in the body
  • Utilise and learn the shamanic fire ceremony as a means of rapid transformation 

The path of the unseen

  • Learn the process of clearing of energy imprints in the field
  • Clear family wounds through family constellation work
  • Reading the energy field and tracking
  • Learn the process of clearing of energy imprints and intrusive energies
  • Soul retrieval process & shamanic journeying 

The path of Clarity

  • Learn to release the energy cords to others and organisations that bind us in the same patterns and deplete our energy
  • Clear your own space and develop tools to protect yourselves and loved ones
  • Explore your shadow and the secrets and gems that are hidden there
  • Meditation as an ancient tool of renewal 

The path of Wisdom

  • Learn the art of shamanic journeying and of retrieving the parts of your soul that you have left behind
  • Break out of the linear concept of time and embrace synchronicity and destiny. Start to experience yourself as the creator of time and space in your life, rather than the result of your past.
  • Embrace your destiny and have the courage to follow the dreams that you have forgotten you had
  • Shed the limiting roles that prevent you from living fully 

The path of the Sacred

  • Help loved ones and clients to die with peace and grace
  • Explore new ways of working with dreams
  • Learn to allow Spirit to care of the details of life. Living according to our intention and with flow in the universe. 

We will traverse through the medicine wheel as depicted by the Peruvian shamans of the Andes and interpreted by my teacher Alberto Villoldo. Combined with the tools and teachings that I have gathered along my own path – including meditation, yoga and bodywork, and other modalities of energy medicine. You will learn practical healing methods 

The course will run from August 16th 2022 until March 21st 2023 with live weekly meetings each Tuesday at 7:00pm. Recordings will be available for those that cannot attend the live meetings. Immersion weekends will be held September 9-11 2022 and March 3-5 2023.

What if the world is holding its breath waiting for you to take the place that only you can fill?” 

David Whyte

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