My Journey

The path of the wounded healer

” To become completely healed is to become the healer – bringing the beauty and meaning you found into the world.”

Twelve years ago I woke up ill. The moment was the start of my serendipitous journey back to health that would lead me to the path of the healer.

For many years I wanted something or someone to take away the pain and discomfort and to fix me. I was constantly searching for that switch. Even when I was doing something good for myself it was usually just to test whether it would finally be the key. I had forgotten that I am the key.

Slowly I learned that healing is really a coming home to ourselves. It is having the will and courage to dive deeper into our own hearts and finding the way to truly love and forgive ourselves. It is the return to our innate nature of loving kindness. It is finding ourselves in our lives again.

There were many things that helped me along that path. Becoming a teacher of the practice and philosophy of yoga has given me great gratitude . Meditation taught me that I have the ability to release the chains I had placed on myself. It brought me home to myself and taught me about real love. Body work helped to release the layers of pain.

The path of the Shaman was one that I resisted for many years. Finally taking the leap into my destiny has brought fearlessness where there was suppression of fear. It has brought me freedom from anxiety. It has opened a world of wonder I had forgotten existed.

This journey and the many dark times that I travelled through gave me the many gifts that I now have the privilege of passing on to others.

When we embrace our destiny, the universe conspires to help us. Take the leap and start writing a new story for your life.